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Super Adventure Island 2 Snes Rom
Super Adventure Island 2 Snes Rom
  • Titulo: Super Adventure Island 2 Snes Rom
  • Categoría: Platforms
  • Año: 1994
  • Compañía: Hudson
  • Tamaño: 779.38kb
  • Visto: 2344 veces

After a disastrous previous relationship, our chubby hero, Master Higgins, finally found true happiness with his new love, Tina. Things couldn’t have been going any better for Master Higgins as he sailed across the beautiful tropical water with his beautiful tropical wife. But little did he know that trouble loomed just over the horizon. A vicious hurricane tore apart the raft that Higgins and Tina were on, and they soon found themselves tossed into the sea. They became separated and beached on different islands, and both had amnesia. Tina was taken in by the king of Waku-Waku Island, and soon she was betrothed to him. Then Master Higgins made his way to the island…and the adventure continues.

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