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Information Super Nintendo
Information Super Nintendo
  • Titulo: Information Super Nintendo
  • Categoría: Consoles
  • Año: 1991
  • Compañía: Nintendo
  • Tamaño: Not available
  • Visto: 14120 veces

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the Super NES, SNES or Super Nintendo) is a 16-bit video game console developed by Nintendo that was released in 1990 in Japan.

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Super Nintendo, Super NES or SNES (Super Famicom known as in Japan) was the second video game console from Nintendo and the successor to the Nintendo (NES). He kept a great rivalry in the world with Sega Mega Drive during the 16-bit era. It is one of the best and most important game consoles that have appeared with the NES and PlayStation, being the most successful and sold in the generation of 16 bits. He first appeared in Japan on November 21, 1990, did not arrive in Europe until April 11, 1992.
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