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Madden NFL 96 Snes Rom
Madden NFL 96 Snes Rom
  • Titulo: Madden NFL 96 Snes Rom
  • Categoría: Sports
  • Año: 1995
  • Compañía: EA Sports
  • Tamaño: 1.05mb
  • Visto: 860 veces

Get in the game! Featuring better control: laterals, fair catches, show blitz. 3 difficulty settings. Tougher computer opponents: 2-minute drill, kill the clock, tighter pass coverage. 5-receiver passing mode, individual player stats, league leaders sorted in 8 categories. New formations and plays - both offense and defense: over 240 from Madden's playbook. Global substitutions, custom TD celebrations, NFL and scouting combine records. Hidden codes reveal secret teams!

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